We are currently open 7 days a week, offering a total of 14 classes per week including our specialised “Kung Fu 4 Kids” Program & Iso Chi classes. We have a range of equipment including wooden dummies, sand bags, Iron Palm training station, heavy bags, focus mitts, kick shields, speed balls, grappling dummies, jigsaw mats, weapons, conditioning devices and more. Private tuition, corporate groups, school groups, female self defence, short self defence and Iso Chi classes are also conducted and available on request.  Wing Chun is a scientific approach to self defence with proven methods. This is why Wing Chun is not only sort after by civilians, but by military and police personal around the world.

These classes are currently conducted in the five following great locations:

We offer regular specialty seminars in Women’s Self Defence, Urban Self Defence and other topics as well as Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu which includes specialised topics such as sparring, kicking, Chi Sao (contact reflexes), grading skills, Butterfly Swords, Wooden Dummy techniques and much more. These seminars are conducted annually by Grandmaster William Cheung as well as by Si-Fu Leigh Duff.

Our regular and specialised training programs available include:

  • Private Group Program
  • Corporate Training Program
  • Kung Fu 4 Kids Program
  • Kung Fu 4 Teens
  • School Excursion Program
  • Emergency Self Defence Program
  • Iron Palm Program
  • Iron Shin Program
  • Dim Mak Program
  • Chi Gung Program
  • Iso – Chi Program
  • Iso – Fit Program
  • Meditation Program
  • Mental Strength & Resiliency Program
  • Stress Management Program
  • Sleep Program
  • BR-103 Program
  • Pro Tekt Program
  • CMT Program
  • Womens Self Defence Program
  • CDT (Cheung’s Defensive Tactics) Program
  • Mit Fit Program
  • One Inch Punch Program
  • Nunchaku Program
  • Competition Fighting Program
  • Police & Security Training Programs
  • Specialised Weapons Training Program
  • Firearms and Combat Knife Program

Our school is open to everyone wishing to experience the unique and devastatingly effective system of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu which is based on using proven scientifically strategies and principles for multiple opponent and one on one street defence situations. Our focus is on providing real self defence skills whilst improving overall fitness, flexibility, speed, strength and agility in a fun and friendly and family oriented training environment with no attitude’s and no ego’s.  Our program also develops the psychological side of training improving focus, concentration, mental “toughness” and resiliency and a strong disciplined mind.

For those wishing to commence training with us and to those who wish to learn more about becoming a Certified GTWCKFA Instructor, please contact us.

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