That’s right! After many requests we are finally proud to announce the opening of another great school in Hobart , located at the Lenah Valley Community Hal, Creek Road, Lenah Valley.  Classes are conducted on Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 7pm weekly.

Our Hobart Kwoon is the latest addition to the Tas Wing Chun Training Centre’s rapid growing Kung Fu family.  Boasting a massive floor space, wooden dummy and other training equipment this location is perfect for those people in Hobart who have wanted to train with us but have been unable to make it to our other locations. Come and experience authentic Traditional Wing Chun first hand with Tasmanian Chief Instructor Si-Fu Leigh Duff and his instructors.  Tas Wing Chun Training Centres  Hobart  location is now available to everyone in the Hobart CBD.

Classes personally conducted by Si-Hings Zac & Steve.

CLASS TIMES: Tuesday 6pm to 7pm & 7pm to 8pm

Ages 12yrs and above

ENROL NOW! 0429107108 or email

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