In 2011 our Tas Wing Chun Training Centre opened in Launceston. Currently located at the Launceston Martial Arts Centre, 42 Brisbane Street, Launceston (Tuesdays evenings)

Complete with fully matted area ( Launceston CBD), wooden dummy, kick shields and focus mitts and other training device you can see why this is our northern Tasmanian school. Full access to change room, toilet and shower facilities make this a location complete for your training needs. Class age 12 yrs and above for our “adult” classes.

Attendance is by appointment ONLY.

Classes are personally conducted by Northern Tasmanian Instructor Si-Hing Chris Ikin

Contact Tasmanian Chief Instructor Leigh Duff at or phone 0429 107 108 for more information or to make an appointment.


Tuesday 6:00pm – 7:00pm Adult Launceston CBD

Tuesday 7:05pm – 8:05pm Adult Launceston CBD

Assessments and specialised seminars are also personally conducted by
Tasmanian Chief Instructor Si-Fu Leigh Duff or Ph. 0429 107 108

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