Wing Chun Grappling Seminar Coming soon!

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Wing Chun is often thought of as an effective stand up or striking system, however this is but one part of this fantastic system of self defence.  Wing Chun is over 600 years old with its roots grounded in the history of China, the Chinese martial arts  can be traced back some 4000+ years.  For those who understand the Wing Chun system well I feel it is fair to say  without argument that Wing Chun obviously has its own grappling and ground fighting.  Today Wing Chun is not well known for its grappling, unlike Judo approximately 200-250 years old and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu approximately 97 years old (1914 Gracie Family).  These ground and grappling styles are young by comparison when we look closely with their history obviously tracing back to China at some point in the past.  My up and coming Wing Chun Grappling seminar will be for the Grappling beginner to become familiar with how the Wing Chun system and our forms Shil Lim Tao, Chum Kil & Bil Jee fit into our ground fighting and grappling.  I will also cover common terms used in grappling to help students better understand grappling as a whole.  I look forward to conducting this seminar soon, stay tuned for more information.  Amituofo Sifu Leigh

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