What is Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu

Traditional Wing Chun uses scientifically tested and proven concepts, principles, drills and techniques based on human movement and pressure point striking to defeat single and  multiple attackers in a range of given  real life situations.  Wing Chun was designed around the human body with the idea to be the easiest, most efficient and fastest martial art in existence, the concept………. a martial art to defeat all others.  Wing Chun is vastly different to other martial arts in both it’s physical and mental approach, it is a complete system not a style like other martial arts, one cannot do a little bit of Wing Chun.  You either do Wing Chun or you do not.  Whist it may appear to the untrained eye as being similar to this style or another, upon closer inspection, we soon discover the depth and detail of  Wing Chun is very comprehensive and more importantly practical.  Traditional Wing Chun also encompasses all aspects of Traditional Chinese martial arts including meditation, chi gung, healing, acupressure therapy and traditional values of respect, honesty, loyalty, integrity and self improvement.

Traditional does not mean old or outdated as Traditional Wing Chun is the most scientifically advanced self defence system in existence due to the manner in which it was created.    Even today Traditional Wing Chun continues to be a modern martial art with many “modern”  martial arts attempting to copy Traditional Wing Chun’s principles, concepts and  approach to self defence.

The Wing Chun practitioner assumes that every potential attacker or attackers are bigger, faster and stronger.  With this concept in mind, the Traditional Wing Chun practitioner applies Wing Chun’s effective and proven strategies and principles to each and every situation, with the assumption that you are the smaller, weaker and less athletic individual in a given self defence situation.

Traditional Wing Chun encompasses skills at all ranges, including punching, kicking, elbows, knees,trapping, throwing, take-downs, ground striking and grappling: all of which are applied without the need to integrate other martial arts styles such as Mixed Martial Arts and Israeli Mixed Martial Arts (Krav Maga).  Traditional Wing Chun is not a style, but is a system of scientific self defence, designed to give you the physical and psychological advantage.  Our approach is logical and simple, designed to be easy to learn, remember and extremely effective.

All martial arts styles originate from China including Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Ju Jitsu etc.  Therefore it makes sense to train a martial art which is close to it’s origin, which has not been changed for the purpose of sport etc.  Traditional Wing Chun can be directly traced to the birth place of all martial arts, the Shaolin Temple and Traditional Wing Chun was acknowledged as originating from the Shaolin Temple in a special ceremony at the Shaolin Temple in China in November 2013.

It is one of the most sought after and popularly practiced self defence systems to emerge from China in the 21st Century and whilst there are over 100 different types of Wing Chun Kung Fu, it is Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu which contains the advanced footwork, applications and pressure point striking which other Wing Chun Systems do not have knowledge of.  Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Southern Chinese boxing martial art developed by a Buddhist nun and made popular by famous actors such as the late Bruce Lee and Robert Downey Jr in movies such as “Iron Man” and “Sherlock Holmes”.

Simply put………………Wing Chun is a no nonsense, scientifically proven self defence system which is fast to learn and effective where it counts……….in the real world!

Will training in Traditional Wing Chun help me to lose weight

Yes, Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu training is a whole body and conditioning exercise program utilising ancient Eastern training methodologies with Western sports science. It is a low to moderately intense program and with regular participation can assist in improving and maintaining weight loss as well as improving your aerobic and anaerobic fitness.

Is Traditional Wing Chun a Religion

No, Traditional Wing Chun is a martial art based on logic and human movement. Its members come from all denominations and ethnic backgrounds to learn the simple, scientific and devastating techniques of this highly effective self-defence system.

Is Traditional Wing Chun training suitable for all ages

Yes, our current curriculum is tailor made to address teaching students from the age of 6 through to 86 years of age. Students practice and progress at their own pace.  We have specialised children’s classes from 6 years to 12 years [See Kung Fu 4 Kids].  From 12 years onward we conduct adult classes.  Please discuss this with us if you have any further questions or special circumstances.

Do I need to be fit and flexible before undertaking the Wing Chun training program

No, our training program and curriculum is tailor made for each new member to progress at a comfortable pace and to enjoy the benefits uniquely associated with our Traditional Wing Chun syllabus.

Will I get hurt training in Wing Chun

No, our classes are professionally supervised by qualified martial arts instructors. While some of our activities require partner training, all activities are controlled and conducted in a supervised and safe environment. However, it is ‘martial art’ training and not ‘ballet’. Students can choose to train as hard of as soft as they like with a complying training partner.

What’s the difference between Traditional Wing Chun and other martial arts

Firstly, Traditional Wing Chun is the only martial art system to be developed by a Buddhist Nun.  It is a martial art based on science, all other martial arts can only fight front on, therefore the bigger, stronger and faster fighter must win.  Traditional Wing Chun teaches you to deal with bigger, faster and stronger opponents as well as multiple attackers.  Some of these scientific principles include: simultaneous intercept / deflect and strike, offline and blindside positioning, Chi Sao / Sticky hands, clinching  grappling and ground fighting, pressure point striking to vulnerable areas (Dim Mak), iron palm, forearm and shin conditioning, not fighting force with force ………. These principles have all been tested on the mat and on the street, and have stood the test of time for over 500 years.

How do I get started

Firstly, we would like you to contact us by phone, email or our online booking form or alternatively visit our training center where you can view our facilities and meet our instructors. From here, we will explain and answer any questions or concerns that you may have and discuss a training routine that best suits your lifestyle. We then give you the opportunity to participate in one or more training sessions, no obligation, and from here we will discuss and decide which tuition package best suits your schedule. Once you have become a member to our worldwide organization, you will be able to attend any training sessions, without a booking, that best suits you.

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