Si-Fu Leigh Duff

Si-Fu Leigh Duff has studied various Martial Arts styles for over 28 years including MMA, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Traditional Karate (Goju Ryu & Shotokan) and Freestyle Karate (Zen Do Kai). In 2000 Leigh started training in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu and is a direct student and one of few closed door students under Grandmaster William Cheung and has been since 2011. With 15+ years experience in Traditional Wing Chun, Leigh is currently graded to Provisional Master Level 3 under the Global Wing Chun Kung Fu Association and was personally assessed by Grandmaster William Cheung. Si-Fu Leigh is also the only Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Provisional Master in Tasmania. Si-Fu Leigh has experience in both street and competition environments, however prefers to teach the street defence aspect of combat to students for self defence. Si-Fu Leigh also served in the Police Service, regulary dealing with people who were violent, armed with weapons or under the influence of drugs or a mixture of all three.

Due to this, Si-Fu Leigh gained a great deal of knowledge and practical experience in street combat and violent situations which provided him with the opportunity to test the application of Traditional Wing Chun in real life situations. Si-Fu Leigh also has a strong interest in professional defensive tactics and specialises in defensive tactics training for civilians, Police, Security, Military and other emergency services units. This includes training with firearms, knife, baton, cuffing/restraint techniques and other specialist defensive tactic/combat training. Si-Fu Leigh also has a strong focus on building “Mental Resiliency” and teaches people how to build their mental strength and get the most from thier lives.

Si-Fu Leigh believes that Traditional Wing Chun should be taught to those people who are not only serious about being able to protect themselves in real violent situations with one or more attackers, but to those people who are interested in a more holistic approach to martial arts including building mental resiliency, self improvement and development, managing stress, treating injuries and illness and increasing their overall health and well being. Si-Fu Leigh regularly conducts classes for both children and adults including Iso Chi & Chi Gung, private tuition and corporate & specialised groups. Si-Fu Leigh is very passionate about teaching the younger generation of Wing Chun students and conducts our Kung Fu 4 Kids Program 14 times per week. Si-Fu Leigh holds certificates I, II & III in Security Operations including conflict negotiation and is certified to work with children and vulnerable people.

In 2013 Leigh attended the Shaolin Temple In China with their teacher Grandmaster William Cheung where the Traditional Wing Chun System was acknowledged as belonging to the Shaolin Temple. During this special event Leigh trained at the Shaolin Temple alongside other instructors, sharing the Traditional Wing Chun System with local Soldier Shaolin Monks. Leigh returned to China again in 2014 to continue his growth, sharing and knowledge of Wing Chun

Family Tree

  1. Yip Man
  2. William Cheung
  3. Si-Fu Leigh

**Si-Fu Leigh is a”Closed Door Direct Students” of Grandmaster William Cheung.  Grandmaster Cheung is a direct “Closed Door Disciple” of the legendary Yip Man.  The lineage of Wing Chun taught is both pure and comprehensive due to the direct lineage and continuity of the way information has been shared.***

Si-Hing Zac Barry

Si-Hing Zac Barry is currently a  level 10  student Instructor  and is an assistant instructor to  Si-Fu Leigh Duff at Tas Wing Chun Training Centre Central Hobart  kwoon.  Si-Hing Zac has trained under Si-Fu Leigh since 2009.   Si-Hing Zac has a great fun, friendly personality, witty sense of humour and  is a great example of how young people can apply Wing Chun to their lives to fight the many challenges young people face including the fight against drugs..  Si-Hing Zac has a passion for sharing his knowledge and personal experiences when it comes to self defence and Wing Chun.  Zac has experience in other martial arts including Brazillian Ju Jitsu, Mauy Thai and  Kick Boxing and loves to train hard and seems to possess an endless supply of energy.  Si-Hing Zac has also travelled to China with Si-Fu Leigh to attend the Shaolin Temple and travel through out China on the 2014 Traditional WIng Chun China Tour. We would like to welcome Si-Hing Zac to the Tas Wing Chun Instructor team and look forward to teaching with him.

Si-Hing Chris Ikin

Si-Hing Chris is Tas Wing Chun’s head instructor for Launceston. Si-Hing Chris started training in martial arts at the age of 14 in Zen Do Kai Freestyle Karate, later studying under Rick Spain’s Wing Chun school in Oslo, Norway before returning to Australia and training under Si-Fu Leigh Duff in late 2012. Si-Hing Chris is currently assessed to Level 9 under the GTWCKFA & Tas Wing Chun Training Centre and has been personally assessed by Si-Fu Leigh. Si-Hing Chris is the newest instructor to join the ranks of Tas Wing Chun and as of the 1st of May 2017 becomes a closed door student to Si-Fu Leigh.

Si-Hing Chris will take on the roll of new head Instructor for Tas Wing Chun’s north Tasmanian school in Launceston. Outside of Tas Wing Chun, Si-Hing Chris is a professional teacher and musician, who enjoys the many benefits that Traditional Wing Chun principles bring to self-defense, mind, body and lifestyle in general.

We would like to welcome Si-Hing Chris to the Tas Wing Chun team and look forward to teaching with him. Welcome Si-Hing Chris!

Si-Hing Chris is certified to work with children and vulnerable people.

Si-Hing Steven Creen

Si-Hing Steven Creen is Hobart CBD  assistant instructor.  Si-Hing Steve has trained under Si-Fu Leigh since the opening of Tas Wing Chun in 2009 in which he commenced his training  under Si-Fu Leigh Duff. Si-Hing Steve is currently graded to level 10 Instructor and was personally graded by Si-Fu Leigh Duff.  Steve  has a great friendly personality, fun sense of humour and a great attitude as well.  With three children of his own he is also passionate about teaching the younger generation of Wing Chun students, conducting our Kung Fu 4 Kids Program at Kingston HQ.    We would like to welcome Si-Hing Steve to the Tas Wing Chun Instructor Family

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