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  • Personally as a female, I find the World Wing Chun Kung Fu Association – Tasmania, to provide an excellent vehicle which I believe arms both male and females with the necessary skills and confidence in self defence. It offers a wealth of insightful knowledge and techniques from world-renowned experts which are delivered in a relaxed friendly environment. It’s amazing the stress you can let go of during and after lessons. The techniques learnt can be used anywhere, and improves fitness. It is mentally and physically challenging, rewarding and a lot of fun!

  • Wing Chun can be as little as exercise or as much as a way of life, and the choice is yours. With Wing Chun you learn a skill as well as improve your general health and fitness, which beats the gym!” “Having studied Wing Chun in Melbourne and now Tasmania, I can attest to the Tasmanian branch being extremely professional in their approach, delivering a first rate Kung fu experience.

  • Learning Wing Chun has made me feel much more confident, and has really helped to improve myself discipline in all areas of my life.

  • When I joined the Wing Chun team I wasn’t sure what to expect. Having trained for a short time in a different style of martial arts I guess you could say I was a little “can’t be as good as my previous training” I am pleased to say that I was wrong, I was welcomed into a class of strangers that have helped me add to my skills and teach me many new techniques. Wing Chun has helped to improve my fitness level and flexibility as well as being fun. Whether it be a class of full on sparring and push ups or slower technique training, I am always glad that I went to class.

  • I would like to say a formal thank you too Si-Fu Leigh Duff Si-Mo Nic, Si-Hing Ken Harriss, Si-Hing Todd de Quincey and all my other training partners from the Tas Wing Chun training centers. Poor logistics unfortunately stopped me from attending the summer camp but I was there in spirit & I’m sure you all had a ball. I’m very jealous.

    Si-Fu Leigh has been a unbelievable instructor, mentor and good friend. We are truly lucky to have someone of your high caliber & dedication in Tasmania. You have taught me so much over the years I have trained with you & I pinch myself sometimes in how far I have come. There is so much to thank you for but i might summarize and say I really enjoyed having you as my Si-Fu & you will be missed! Greatly. My goal one day is to return to Tas and study under you again. Si-Mo your time & motivation into my training at a early level especially really helped me stay focussed and I thank you for that again. You do so much for the schools & students by ensuring it runs smoothly, providing a great experience, greeting us with a smile each day, teaching, and some how you manage to keep an eye on Lilly!! Si-Hing Ken & Todd your extra advice & sometimes bashings haha always assisted in developing my Wing Chun. Thank you for your ongoing support & bruises.

    To all the students, both senior & junior, i always had something to learn from each of you & I enjoyed training with all levels whilst in Tasmania. I look forward to visiting when i come back through out the year. Zac & Vaughan , ill miss the bruises, chin wags & sometimes heated sparring. Make sure you stick you head into the Melbourne Kwoon if your about as ill probably be half living there.

    We have a great Kung Fu network & family growing in Tasmania & I wish you all the best of successes moving forward.

  • Having trained in various martial arts styles during my life I thought I was well prepared for street situations…..I was very wrong!  Soon after joining the Police Service I discovered that my previous skills were insufficient for the street and for my career as an operational police officer.  I began training in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu which saved my life on numerous occasions. The strategies and principles of the system, in particular its multiple opponent defence, made my job safer and easier.  To this very day I have not found a martial art which deals with multiple opponent defence like Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu does.

    The Wing Chun we are training here in Tasmania is so accurate to the teachings of Grandmaster William Cheung, that wherever you travel in the world, don’t be afraid to show what you know, be confident in your structure, your technique and principles, relax and be formidable yet forgiving. Thank you Si-fu and Si-mo. Amituofo

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