The Tas Wing Chun Training Centre is located at Kingborough Sports Centre on Kingston View Drive, Kingston and is the Tasmanian Headquarters of the GTWCKFA (Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association). Open since 2008 the school is the Only Traditional Wing Chun School in Southern Tasmania and has taught hundreds of students from young children in our Kung Fu 4 Kids Propgram to Adults and other specialised groups.  This full time, purpose designed training area is specifically set out for all your training needs. Just 10 minutes drive south of Hobart via the Southern Outlet.

The Tas Wing Chun Training Centre boasts a massive floor space and has a huge range of training equipment including adult & children wooden dummies, mirrors, wall-striking bags, iron palm training area, heavy bags, kick shields, focus pads, mitts, speed balls, grappling dummies, weapons and over 160 interlocking 40mm jigsaw mats for the comfort and safety of all students.

There is also pleanty of seating available for families and visitors. A range of classes are conducted every week at the Tas Wing Chun Headquarters including our specialised Kung Fu 4 Kids & Chi Gung & Meditation and Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Self Defence Programs. Private tuition and access for students during out of class hours is also available. Access to the sports centres facilities are also available including toilets, change rooms and a cafe for drinks and nibbles just to mention a few. Ample FREE parking is another asset as well as the use of other sporting facilities.
Attendance is by appointment ONLY.  Please contact Sifu Leigh directly on the contact information below.

Classes are personally conducted by Tasmanian Chief Instructor Sifu Leigh Duff Contact or Ph. 0429 107108

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