Martial arts specifically for children

Kung Fu 4 Kids (6-12 years)

Kung Fu 4 Teens (12-14 years)

Grappling 4 Kids (BJJ) (7- 12  Yrs)

Kingborough Sports Centre, Level 4.

Enrol today in a class that suits your child best!

Are you interested in improving your child’s health, fitness and flexibility while training in a fun, friendly and safe environment?  Or perhaps you are looking to build your child’s confidence, control, coordination, social skills and respect for others with a touch of discipline?  Then our Kung Fu 4 Kids and Kung Fu 4 Teens Programs may be the activity for your child……

Wing Chun is perfect for children both male and female as it does not rely on size or strength.  In fact Wing Chun is the ONLY martial art in existence which has been created by a woman.  This makes Wing Chun ideal for children and perfect for self-defence against bigger attackers.  We have specialised “Anti- Bully Programs” also.  We have Grappling for Kids also due to its popularity and for those who prefer wrestling and submission based self defence.

Whilst we don’t encourage violence, we also believe everyone has the right to be safe and have skills to protect themselves and others.

Build your child’s confidence,control, coordination, social skills and respect for others with a touch of discipline.

Cost for Term is based on $17 per lesson. Uniform is $80 but doesn’t need to purchased straight away.

Students are taught a range of skills including our specialised learning curriculum which covers standup self defence skills, grappling and ground self defence skills, weapony, multiple attackers and much much more!

Students progress through our program at special events known as assessments/gradings.  Kung Fu uniform is required for this formal event and this is a fantastic way to celebrate the children’s achievements. This is considered a special time and their ‘hard work’ is celebrated.  There are also specialised classes such as our weapons and forms class where children learn to use weapons in both a solo and partner training format.

Our classes are specifically designed for children, and conducted by adults who understand children and who have children of their own.  Whilst we have professional experience in this area we are also real people who care for children.

Sifu Leigh is an ex-Tasmania Police officer, with in excess of 30 years in martial arts and 12 years teaching children.  With a vast array of skills, Sifu Leigh conducts all childrens classes and actively teaches over 200 students every week!


Our Kung Fu 4 Kids and Kung Fu 4 Teens Programs are specifically designed with your child in mind and designed to give your child a healthy body and mind.  Our idea is to help children to “Think the right thing” “Say the right thing”  and “Do the right thing” in all parts of life.

Our program promotes development in many areas including physical and mental development.  We ensure that children understand the importance of their actions, to take responsibility, to think before acting and to work cooperatively within a group.

Our Kung Fu 4 Kids and Kung Fu 4 Teens  Programs offer many other benefits other martial arts simply cannot, due to the scientific structure of the Wing Chun System.  We all want the best for our children, so don’t settle for second best……….give your kids the Wing Chun advantage.  Come and try one of our Kung Fu 4 Kids Programs today!

Payments are on a per term basis NOT per lesson.

If it’s your childs first lesson they just need to wear something comfortable such as shorts/track pants and a t-shirt.
Cost is $17 and students are welcome to bring along a drink.

Please text or phone Leigh on 0429 107 108 to enrol your child in our Kung Fu 4 Kids classes.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

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