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Not only do we teach a refined and scientific self defence system like no other to men, women and children, we also teach other aspects of Traditional Chinese martial arts including meditation, chi gung, acupressure therapy and traditional values of respect, honesty, loyalty, integrity and self improvement.  Our program not only develops physical skills but also develops the psychological side of training such as mindfulness,  improving focus, concentration, mental “toughness” & resiliency and a strong disciplined mind.

Due to the structure of the Traditional Wing Chun System we have a single training policy.  This is due to many reasons.  Our primary reason is that Wing Chun is a System, not a “style” and has its on unique structure.  Therefore it does not require the integration of other martial art styles, in fact training another martial art interferes with the learning and understanding of Wing Chun, particularly at an early stage.  Wing Chun is a System which encompasses all ranges of combat within one structure, therefore so that we may keep consistent training practices, we only train Wing Chun.  In respect to other martial arts instructors, is another reason why we do not train in other martial arts.

Private tuition, private group and specialised group sessions are available as well as out of hours training at our Tasmanian Headquarters. Please contact Tasmanian Chief Instructor Leigh Duff by phone 0429107 108 or via email at taswingchun@hotmail.com

Class Cost

  • We teach Men, Women and Children
  • We provide a range of payment schedules to suit all budgets and needs.
  • Casual attendance or regular training memberships available
  • Good progress can be made with just 2 lessons per week, however welcome to train up to unlimited hours per week.
  • Payment options include Direct Debit, EFT or Cash payments.

Welcome to come along and try our introductory classes.

These trial lessons allow for you to try our classes and to see if Wing Chun is right for you.  Your instructor must also be prepared to accept you as a student and reserves the right to choose whether you are suitable for the school and to be taught Wing Chun.

Being a student requires commitment and a good relationship between student and teacher, our introductory lessons are to assist in making the right decision for everyone.


Discount packages are available for couples and families on request

Specialised training within our programs include:

  • Kung Fu 4 Kids Program
  • Kung Fu 4 Teens
  • School Excursion Program
  • Emergency Self Defence Program
  • Iron Palm Program
  • Iron Shin Program
  • Dim Mak Program
  • Chi Gung Program
  • Iso – Chi Program
  • Iso – Fit Program
  • Meditation Program
  • Mental Toughness & Resiliency
  • Stress Management Program
  • Sleep Program
  • BR-103 Program
  • Pro Tekt Program
  • CMT Program
  • Womens Self Defence Program
  • CDT (Cheung’s Defensive Tactics) Program
  • Mit Fit “Body Boxing” Program
  • One Inch Punch Program
  • Nunchaku Program
  • Competition Fighting Program
  • Police & Security Training Programs
  • Specialised Weapons Training Program
  • Firearms and Combat Knife Programs

Whilst there are many who imitate, there is only one Tas Wing Chun Training Centre, we focus on teaching you real skills to keep you safe and healthy.

Come and see why we are Tasmania’s  Premium Martial Arts School for adults and children.

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